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Mar 23, 2021

Dr. Lori Bouchard has seen miracles when it comes to healing – even cancer!

And mindset plays THE key role in a patient’s recovery, according to her.

Dr. Lori is here to share a different perspective on the mind and body connection when it comes to healing.

You don’t have to be sitting with a diagnosis to think about mindset and how it can impact your health for the better – right NOW.

She’s helped thousands recover from illnesses and create epic health and now she’s sharing her best approaches and tools with us in this episode.


  • People wait to explore naturopathic and integrative medicine until it's their last resort – try it sooner! 
  • Can outside-of-the-box treatments work with traditional medicine?        
  • The question everyone’s asking, “Is it okay to eat junk food ever?”    
  • Examples of miracle recoveries to inspire you (hint: it goes from bleak to AMAZING!).
  • Thought-provoking discussions around “root cause” medicine and whether health miracles are possible

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